Since the Krewe was formed, we have had numerous testimonials about the positive, therapeutic and self-confidence building experiences that our activities have provided to area youth as well as, hundreds of physically and emotionally challenged youth. We know that all our youth as well as the involved adults are similarly benefited.

For example, Child’s Wish sponsored a young boy to ride in The Krewe of Little Rascals as his wish. While on the float, WWL-TV interviewed him to see how he was enjoying his experience. During the course of the interview, the boy said his biggest wish was to be adopted. A couple saw the interview, made a call and adopted this young boy. The following year he returned to the Krewe as a Duke and their first thing as a family was to have his name included in the newspaper as part of the court of The Krewe of Little Rascals. His name was listed as “Duke – son of Mr. & Mrs….”.