In 1987 Arthur Hardy, author of the Mardi Gras Guide, said of the Krewe “…with the support of residents and businesses in the Kenner-Metairie community, the Little Rascals may be destined to make Mardi Gras history by surviving as a quality organization for youngsters”.

In 2008, more than 20 years later, Arthur Hardy writes of the Krewe “Little Rascals is the longest running, most flamboyant, most successful organization for young people in the history of Mardi Gras”. From feature articles in National Geographic’s World Magazine and Mardi Gras Guide, to television coverage in Japan, the Krewe of Little Rascals has touched millions.

The Krewe of Little Rascals was granted the prestige of having our Krewe’s crest displayed around the Mardi Gras Fountain at the lakefront on beautiful Lake Ponchartrain. It was constructed in 1961 and features the crests of some of the city’s carnival krewes. For over 45 Years, the fountain has been a meeting place and landmark attraction that pays tribute to the culture of New Orleans, a place of beauty and fun for kids and adults.

Most of the Krewe Crests were designed by famous carnival float builder Blaine Kern, however the crest of the Krewe of Little Rascals was designed by, and for, the members of our Krewe. On May 25, 2005, the Mardi Gras Fountain was rededicated, with a 2.4 million dollar renovation. All the features of the original fountain have been upgraded, with new walkways, lighting, and benches.

We have had many front page newspaper, magazine and book articles over the years. We have an article every year in the Times Picayune-Living Section the morning after our Ball which announces our new Court for the season and describes our Ball from the night before. We also have a picture in the Times Picayune Eastbank on Monday morning with an article and pictures showing our parade from Sunday and PSAs (public service announcements) done by many radio stations.

National Geographic 1998

Aurthur Hardy’s Mardi Gras in New Orleans

2018 season was covered by the Associated Press and we had coverage locally, nationally and world wide.