Our Ball and Parade are professionally filmed. Our parade can be seen on the Jefferson Parish website.  A DVD of the Ball and Parade can be obtained by emailing kreweklr@aol.com.  It can be paid via PayPal on the home page.

In addition, Channel 6 WDSU covered our 2009 parade on Sunday for the full 4 hours and fed it live to the early morning show.

We also had a spot on the Sunday Channel 6 WDSU 5pm and 6pm news and our Captain did an interview on the early morning talk show on ABC. Channel 26 news in New Orleans has an early morning show and the Krewe has a spot on it every year. We have been on the Frank Davis show on WWL and during the season as we prepare, we generally have coverage on all major stations: CBS, NBC, ABC, WB and COX. We even receive publicity from local weathermen who report the upcoming weather for our Sunday parade during their news cast.

When we have celebrities in town as Grand Marshals for our parade, TV stations do interviews. When we had a Navajo Code Talker as our Grand Marshal, we had a function at the D-Day Museum in New Orleans which hosted the Code Talker and The Krewe of Little Rascals. People came from as far away as Florida to see them.

At an event hosted by our Krewe, the Freedom United Foundation along with Mr. Eyal Shapira of the Raritan Central Railroad was instrumental in getting $50,000 worth of musical instruments donated to the Jefferson Parish School system in a ceremony at the T.H. Harris Middle School in Metairie, LA. The instruments helped establish an elementary school band program at Rudolph Matas, Phoebe Hearst, Bridgedale and Airline Park Elementary schools.

“I have been involved with the Krewe of Little Rascals for several years now helping the children of the Greater New Orleans area participate in the wonderful tradition of Mardi Gras” says Mr. Shapira. “Being involved with helping establish this band program in Jefferson Parish is very dear to my heart” continued Mr. Shapira.

Hollywoods Records multi-platinum artist Jesse McCartney and KG2 Music’s up-and-coming reggae star Cipes from Cipes and the People performed musical sets for the students at the event. Kate Gordon, who is involved in the Freedom United Foundation adds, “We feel music is the best way to teach people about what we need to do. Songs bring people together, which shows how powerful music can be. It gives these kids the means and a new way to express themselves creatively.”