Our Ball

Each year the Krewe stages a full-dress, traditional tableau Ball at the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner, LA.,to which the public is invited. Our Ball is complete with an eleven piece live orchestra under the direction B. J. Perez All court and Krewe members are costumed. Since 1989 we have had professionally-sewn costumes for Court and Krewe. In 2006 we changed our Krewe costumes.

Many of the backstage duties at the Ball are assigned to past members that have grown up with the Krewe.

We have several members who are second generation Little Rascals.

Our founder and Co-Captain, Mr. Jack G. Spittler, Sr., narrates and tells the story of our theme.


From the first notes of the Star Spangled Banner sung by Miss Brooklyn Burt who also sings our Krewe Theme “If Ever I Cease to Love” in its original tempo.


Presentation of the Colors by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Color Guard.


illumination of the Krewe’s crest



to the presentation of our Float Riders






the presentation of our Captains and Court and special guests

















Naming the Little Rascal of the Year 2016 Master Jacob Pellman presented by Mrs. Dot Cooke, Asst. Captain


Presentation of special guests to their Rotyalty

Grand March

Krewe Drill and beads thrown to the audience.

Final blowing of the Captains’ whistle.

The Krewe of Little Rascals Ball is a production sure to awe the audience. Our scenery is the same as several adult krewes, with lavish floral displays, colored lighting and special effects.

Our 30th year a special effects, lighting and a surprise slide show was presented by Jack Spittler, Jr., Marcus Taylor and John Patterson.

This is the only ball in the New Orleans metropolitan region which children can attend. Come join us and have your Little Rascal(s) share in this great experience. See Become a Member for more information. For tickets kreweklr@aol.com