First year membership was approximately 70 members and 20 youth sponsored from the New Orleans Adolescent Hospital, a facility for emotionally and physically abused youth. Today we average approximately 250+ members, with a percentage coming from agencies that serve physically and emotionally challenged children.

Originally the Krewe Ball was held in an outlying Civic Center. In 1992, we moved to the New Pontchartrain Center near New Orleans International Airport. The original Court costumes were sewn by Maureen Spittler and the Krewe costumes were made by Mrs. Raelene Hill and the Krewe parents.

When the Krewe began, there were only 3 Krewe floats plus the royal floats. From 1983 to 1988, the parade rolled out of Lafrenier park in Metairie and traveled only a little over 3 miles. Since 1989, the parade’s length and the crowd’s size required a move to the traditional 4-mile parade route along Veterans Boulevard used by the adult Krewes. Now our parade has 17-20 floats each year, including Court floats, Krewe floats and a specially designed float for handicapped riders.

1984 Little Rascals Go To The Circus 1985 Salute Pets From Around The World 1986 Salute Space Adventures
1987 Little Rascals Love A Parade 1988 Things That Go Bump In The Night 1989 Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler
1990 Little Rascals Read The Classics 1991 Little Rascals Do The French Quarter 1992 Liitle Rascals Salute Broadway
1993 A Dream Come True 1994 Celebrate Music, Music, Music 1995 Little Rascals Sports Odyssey
1996 Salutes Friends In Uniform 1997 Little Rascals Go To College 1998 Pride In Our Past, Faith In Our Future
1999 Little Rascals Around The World 2000 One Moment In Time 2001 Little Rascals Cajun Odyssey
2002 Proud To Be An American 2003 Salute The Louisiana Purchase 2004 Little Rascals Go Texan
2005 Little Rascals Explore Legends 2006 Little Rascals Celebrate New Orleans 2007 Little Rascals Celebrate New Orleans Music
2008 Little Rascals Go On Vacation 2009 Sights And Sounds Of America 2010 Little Rascals Love A Story Book
2011 Little Rascals Explore Their Hearts Desires 2012 Little Rascals Explore Careers 2013 They Said It Couldn’t Be Done
2014 Little Rascals Explore The Middle Ages 2015 Little Rascals Look Back 32 Years 2016 Little Rascals Love To Dream
2017 Little Rascals Go To The Movies 2018 Little Rascals Recall The Signs of The Times